Sheldon Bowman Leadership Memorial

On behalf of Ahtahkakoop Health Center, we
would like to present five peers with the Sheldon Bowman Leadership Memorial.  Sheldon Bowman was an active role model for
peers living with HIV in our community. 
He was our Know Your Status
leader and wanted to help make a difference even if it was just one person he
impacted.  He left us one year ago in
January suddenly and tragically.  Ahtahkakoop Health Center would like to honor
him by helping others who are leaders in the Know Your Status Program.

Do you know a peer working in your
community who possess the following qualities;

  • Promoting Know Your Status
    Initiative- attending, participating, utilizing skills learned in everyday work
    and living. 

  • Support- Supporting newly
    diagnosed peers and continually supporting other peers by sharing experiences,
    listening, and referring to different professional services.

  • Sharing their story to promote
    good health and reduce stigma and substance abuse

  • Commitment and Dedication-
    Shows commitment to HIV and educating people on HIV medications and the
    reduction of stigma

  • Training- actively participates
    in programming and workshops, uses the knowledge gained from programming to
    help others who are struggling with diagnosis or other stressful situations

  • Sustainability- is your peer
    committed to broaden their knowledge of HIV and people effected/affected by HIV

  • Courage- Shown to have the
    courage to own their diagnosis, adhere to medication and educate other on the
    barriers to overcome

  • Shows an authentic passion for
    compassion, empathy and dedication to their work as a peer.

If someone you know possess these qualities
than we would like you to write a ½ page to one full page reason why your peer
should be chosen.  The awarded candidate
will be honored during the lunch hour of the second day. 

Please send the nominations to Tanys
Isbister no later than February 8, 2019 so the committee has time to select the
winning candidate.